Caramel apples linked to fatal listeria outbreak


(CNN) — A sweet treat has turned potentially deadly for dozens of people in multiple states. At least four people have died — in a fifth case tests are pending — after eating caramel More...

by Editor | Published 6 mins ago

The Fix: Do atheists believe in the Christmas story? A cautionary tale on polls.


Reading polls isn’t easy. The data can only be so accurate, and it can often be tempting to draw too broad of conclusions.Witness this new poll.Surveys tend to break down More...

In the Loop: Sen. Harkin’s swan song: Changing the national anthem


Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), a progressive champion on social programs whose legacy includes crafting the American Disabilities Act, had one last priority he wanted to address before More...

GovBeat: Tennessee town tries to ban negative comments on social media


The city council in a small town in rural Tennessee is trying to stop all those nasty comments made on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks by banning negative thoughts.Town More...


English A&Es reach breaking point after worst-ever week

England’s A&Es have recorded their worst ever week, as health unions declared the NHS was at “breaking point” and announced a new wave of strike action for the More...

German ethics body rejects organized assisted suicide

…. Photo from DW.DE This a non-commercial excerpt from DW.DE To read more please visit:  More...

Kids should code: why ‘computational thinking’ needs to be taught in schools | Jim Chalmers and Tim Watts


Unchecked, automation will destroy many skilled jobs and push people into insecure, unskilled work. The winners will be More...

Pakistan attack reveals the truth about terrorism: it kills more poor Muslims than rich westerners | Ben Doherty


In 2013, 12 people died in terrorist attacks in the west compared to 22,000 in non-western countries. How can More...

Tunisia’s old regime hopes makeover can win it the election

By Patrick Markey and Tarek Amara TUNIS (Reuters) - In the corner of his office, Tunisian...

In Lebanon, Syrian newborns risk statelessness

BEIRUT (AP) — Nearly 30,000 Syrian children born as refugees in Lebanon are in a legal...

globe_default Rocket in French Guiana launches 4 satellites

KOUROU, French Guiana (AP) — Arianespace has launched a rocket from French Guiana carrying four satellites...

Pakistani military chief signs death warrants for six ‘hard-core terrorists’

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — Just two days after a school massacre that stunned the nation, Pakistani leaders on More...

Christian enclave in India fears violence as Hindus press for conversions

ALIGARH, India — The trouble started a few months ago, when Hindu nationalists swept into a small village where several families..

South Korea balks as U.S. picks Japan, Australia to service F-35s in Asia

By Andrea Shalal and Joyce Lee WASHINGTON/SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea said on Thursday it will not send its F-35 fleet..

Ghana shuts down witches’ camp


The government of Ghana, in a historical move, has closed down one of the many witches’ camps at Bonyasi, More...

Investment: Made in Ethiopia

Low costs attract investors, but there are many obstacles to the country’s industrialisation. The Ethiopian government is pouring resources into industrialisation..

Ghana government backtracks on power utility privatisation

Ghana has admitted that it is privatising the country’s power utility as part of conditions to access foreign funding, barely six..

The outbreak sweeping Americas

the-outbreak-sweeping-americas Vital Signs is a monthly program bringing viewers health stories from around the world. (CNN) — Its name means “bending over..

Clooney: Let’s stand with Sony

clooney-lets-stand-with-sony (CNN) — George Clooney tried to rally support for Sony in the midst of a severe cyberattack on the studio, but..

Will we give up privacy without a fight?

(CNN) — What kind of privacy will you have 10 years from now? Will you have given up trying to keep..

Breast cancer drug price cut urged

Campaigners are urging pharmaceutical giant Roche to lower the cost of a pioneering new breast cancer treatment as the NHS drugs..

Whistle-blowers hit out at FIFA

Follow us at @WorldSportCNN and like us on Facebook (CNN) — A soccer whistle-blower has criticized FIFA’s “culture of self-protection” after..